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Förenkla leverans och hantering av dina ICT-tjänster. Vi erbjuder flexibla, behovsanpassade tjänster som förändras i takt med ditt företags behov.


Ta del av det störta och mest avancerade fibernätverk som erbjuder de bästa telekom- och colocationtjänsterna över hela Europa mer därtill.


Det är vår målsättning av skapa en länk mellan dig och dina kunder genom att tillhandahålla resurser, kunskap och information som du i din tur behöver för att utveckla och leverera innovativa IT-lösningar. 



Business VPN Provider

Interoute are one of Europe's leading Business VPN providers. Our IP Virtual Private Network (IPVPN) service is specifically designed to deliver an efficient, scaleable and reliable way of connecting together your sites no matter where they are located.  Based on MPLS technology, this service is available across our complete network and through our connectivity partners can be delivered on a worldwide basis. Many business level connection options are available to you from 3G & DSL to leased lines & Ethernet.  
Our Business IPVPN supports Quality of Service, Managed Internet Access and connectivity for remote users to ensure you get the best levels of performance where ever you are.  Our VPN service is available as a wires only or fully managed service, supported 24x7 and backed by industry leading SLA's. 

Once connected to our Business VPN service via our IP Virtual Private Network (IPVPN) your staff can share information at various locations or access corporate systems securely (e.g. databases or sales processing systems) from every site or remotely outside of company premises. In addition to the fully managed IP VPN service, Interoute can provide a host of value added security solutions that ensure secure access to your network at all times.  

  • Central firewall hosted in our secure data-centres, applying your corporate security policy
  • Secure remote access encrypted IPSEC or SSL based solutions for mobile users
  • Email scanning services providing Anti-Virus, Anti Spam and Image control
  • Web content filtering to monitor and control corporate Internet usage
  • Strong 2 factor authentication services to further secure your corporate access.