Please note: This map is a snapshot of Interoute’s layer 1 and layer 2 network infrastructures and latency in one direction. As we are continually updating our footprint and capabilities this may not be fully representative of all services provided by Interoute. If you have any queries please contact your account manager or

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Interoute is an international ICT service provider and the owner operator of a global cloud platform and one of Europe’s largest networks. Our advanced fibre optic (70,000 route kilometres) network connects the business hubs of Europe, nearly 200 data centres and colocation facilities to America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and network partners across the globe. Incorporating 15 of its own data centres and 33 colocation facilities, Interoute serves international enterprises, as well as the world’s major service providers, Internet giants and OTT providers.

We offer our customers a broad portfolio of managed and outsourced services which

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