Email & Web Filtering

Email & Web Filtering

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Your digital business is more mobile and connected than ever before, offering great opportunities but also bringing real risks.

Interoute can help you safeguard your organisation through management and control of the most persistent vectors of attack with filtering of both email and web content.


Global ‘Security-as-a-Service’

Cloud-based and simple to deploy, with no hardware, no hidden costs and lots of flexibility, including the ability to scale with no impact on performance.

Highest level security

Using a multi-layered approach that starts with URL filtering and anti-virus, it moves to sophisticated analysis of web sites. We can detect threats even when the URL or website appears benign.

Spam & phishing filtering

Reduce costs related to bandwidth and storage taken up by spam, enable staff to be more productive by not having to clear up emails, and protect the business from threats carried in spam.

Content & image control

Allows you to enforce acceptable use policies. Provides a safe and productive workplace, preserving your company’s reputation, and preventing loss of confidential information.

Remote user protection

Rather than use multiple security devices at every Internet gateway, we provide a comprehensive, unified security service from the cloud, enabling all users to be protected  irrespective of location or device.

Flexible, Scalable & Easy to deploy

Our service is scalable with no appliances, software or clients to supply and manage. Costs are reduced and better aligned to the usage requirements of your organisation.

Why Interoute?

No single product offers protection against all forms of attack. Interoute offers a multi layered approach to providing security services to its customers.

Content filtering can help you protect your users and business at the edge with always-on, inbound and outbound messaging security, with effective and accurate anti-malware, anti-spam, and content filtering.

Cost effective. No more on-premises platforms. Scales with your business.

Secure. Blocks inappropriate content transmission & confidential data leaks.

Boosts productivity. Eradicates time spent clearing spam or fixing virus-based issues.

Instant protection. No patching needed. Behavioural Analysis prevents zero-day threats. Secures smartphones & tablets.

Compliant. Real time analytics help meet regulatory & industry standards.

Resilient. Global coverage delivers near-zero latency & five 9’s availability.

In Interoute we have found a partner who can match the high levels of performance and quality that UEFA and its competitions stand for.


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Technical Specs

Cloud security platform
  • Web-based management portal with monitoring dashboard and reporting.
  • Protect HQ, remote offices, laptops and smartphones
  • Full AD and LDAP integration
  • Real-time reporting
  • Report on any transaction, anywhere in seconds.

Anti-virus and anti-spam

  • Multi-layered malware analysis including heuristic analysis, supporting malware, URL, spam, phishing and targeted attack protection
  • End-user email notifications for quarantine management
  • Signature based anti-malware and full inbound / outbound file inspection.

Content control

  • Identify and control confidential or inappropriate content
  • Scanning within email header subject, body and attachment

Image control

  • Range of image characteristics can be used to build blocking rules

Behavioural analysis

  • Protect against zero day threats and vulnerabilities.

URL filtering

  • Granular policy by user, group, location, time and quota.

SSL decryption

  • Full inspection of all SSL traffic.

Data loss prevention

  • Inline scanning to log or block transactions with confidential data: Predefined engines / dictionaries.



Q: How is the service set up?
A: You simply need to direct your Mail Exchange (MX) records to our service. We provide you with the details required for that as part of the provisioning process.

Q: How do you deal with emails with viruses and spam email?
A: Email containing a virus is blocked and quarantined, and the recipient is notified. Email containing spam will be acted on according to your policy. Actions can include, block and delete, quarantine or pass through with a tagged subject line or appended header.

Q: Rather than the email containing a virus, quite often the email contains a URL to a site that has the virus. Do you check for that?
A: Yes. The service checks all web pages referenced within an email for viruses and other threats, blocking the email if malware is found on the linked sites.

Q: How would my company and employees access the cloud-based service?
A: Accessing the cloud is as simple as configuring your network to point all your Internet traffic to the service. The service has global coverage, so you can send Internet traffic from your HQ, remote offices, laptops at coffee shops and even mobile devices such as iPhones.

Q: Will using the service slow down my employees when they access the Internet?
A: The service won’t slow Internet usage. The service operates out of multiple Data Centres globally. Wherever your users are in the world, they can access the service in less than 10 milliseconds.

Q: What if I increase hiring and need more capacity, or what if my Internet usage spikes during a busy period during the year?
A: Security clouds are architected with excess capacity. Some companies need the capacity during the busy holiday shopping season, while others need capacity during the summer travel months. The service can therefore easily handle changes in capacity requirements.

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