Next Generation Firewall

Next Generation Firewall

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In today's ever more digitally connected world, the need for effective cyber-security is essential for minimising the threats to your business.

As the digital world has transformed, so have firewalls – Next Generation Firewalls (NGFs) offer the most sophisticated & granular protection available. 

Interoute's Next Generation Firewall services will help you tackle threats such as data loss through file transfers, operational impact caused by malware attacks, expense incurred through inefficient use of bandwidth, and compliance failure. 


Managed security

Complements our network, hosting and cloud services, enabling you to implement a single sourced solution addressing your business application and security needs

Market leading technology

Delivering a range of capabilities from traditional rule sets to application, user and content and application aware policies

Cloud based services

Our solution negates the need for multiple devices, letting you cut down on your IT real-estate

Granular control

Using our portal, you can set rules at both application level and user level

Universal usage options

From customer located to data centre hosted devices & resilient cloud-based virtual firewalls, for use with Interoute Internet access, MPLS VPN and Hosting services.

Why Interoute?

Interoute offers a range of platforms including both virtual firewalls and physical appliances, matching the right firewall to your security and commercial needs.

We provide monthly reporting including information relating to your specific Next Generation Firewall service plus real‐time access to your management environment to provide enhanced network reporting. 

The service is fully monitored and supported. 

Comprehensive features. Firewall, threat prevention, web & content filtering, & remote access. 

One platform, one policy. A single integrated platform instead of multiple devices. Greater control & visibility at reduced cost.

High availability options. Your secure use of the internet will not be impacted by equipment failure.

Portal. View rule sets & access to reports on threats & usage.

Fully managed 24x7. We monitor the platform, provide on-going maintenance & implement rule changes.


“As always, we presented our issue to Interoute who suggested a next generation firewall which is more suited to our needs.

Each time we face a hurdle, Interoute has the best solution, tailored to our needs and our size."

Jan Oliver Koch - IT Manager, FORD

Extra Information

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Technical Specs

Interoute Next Generation Network firewall enforces a specific policy to allow, block and detect traffic at the boundary to the Internet creating an internal secured zone. 
Two DMZ zones for Internet facing hosts and Corporate Wireless access are also reserved and external remote access is configured with software token authorisation at installation to provide a complete solution for all access needs. 
The default configuration allows for outbound IPv4 NAT and native IPv6 access to the Internet. Complete visibility of the network boundary provided by the firewall is available from real‐time access to monthly and ad‐hoc reporting. 
Deployment in line with an Interoute supplied Internet Service is the only supported, standard solution as it achieves the highest degree of protection and manageability. 
The firewall has the following additional features: 
  • Provides wide device support for remote access further secured by software tokens
  • Web Application Visibility and Control
  • Visibility and Control for Web apps, Web 2.0 


Q: How would I know whether to opt for a virtual firewall or have a physical device?
A: That will depend on the specifications needed to meet your requirements, including aspects such Internet throughput, TCP/IP sessions, VPN sessions and features enabled. Our solution consultants will be able to define the solution that best meets your needs.

Q: Can I manage changes to the rule set myself?
A: The main firewall rules would be changed by Interoute based on requests from you that are then validated by our specialists. This is to ensure that the security of the service is not compromised. Other aspects such as URL filters and file blocking can be managed by you as these are simpler, lower risk changes.

Q: Do you provide consultancy to help define rule sets?
A: Interoute can provide specialist consulting to review requirements and advise on rule sets, including initial monitoring and analysis of application and user activity on the firewall.


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