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We can rapidly deliver high capacity Wavelength Services that give you connectivity access to Europe's major and emerging business centres.

Our network technology is designed to excel within the rapidly evolving Carrier and Digital Enterprise environments.

We offer a wide range of routing, interface and protocol options on a pan-European scale to meet the most stringent requirements.


2.5Gbit/s to 100Gbit/s Interfaces

Available in increments starting from 2.5Gbit/s all the way to 100Gbit/s, catering for low to high capacity needs.

Protected and Resilient Options

Secure and redundant connectivity output is available across the entire Wavelength platform.

Full Transparency

Fully Optical Transponder Unit (OTU) compliant meaning you can be compatible with the optical transmission equipment of any vendor.

Short & Long-haul Interfaces

Both types of physical interfaces are available. If you are not in our site we can extend services over external dark fibre.

Pan-European Connections

Connect to all major locations across one of Europe’s largest footprints, stretching from London to Warsaw and Stockholm to Palermo. 

Fast-trade & Low Latency

If low latency is key to your business requirements, we provide guaranteed latency across specific routes.  

Why Interoute?

Interoute Wavelength services offer flexible optical connectivity that supports a variety of protocols, interfaces and levels of protection.

Connect directly to one of the largest and most advanced network in Europe. Spanning over 70,000 route kilometres of fibre, 15 owned data centres, 17 virtual data centres and 33 colocation centres across city networks based in 29 countries.

Fast lead-times. 10 day delivery for 10Gbit/s & 3 weeks for 100Gbit/s.

High capacity capabilities. Varying ranges of bandwidth with the flexibly to re-route as requirements change.

Scalability. From 2.5Gbit/s to multiple 100Gbit/s circuits.

Carrier Ethernet Service. LAN PHY and WAN PHY interfaces are available.

Fully diverse and protected. All options are available upon request.

In Interoute we have found a partner who can match the high levels of performance and quality that UEFA and its competitions stand for.


Extra Information

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We have data centres across the world and fully certified and compliant. Our data centre services are backed up with market leading SLAs


Delivering resilient, fully managed hybrid WANs to enteprises across the globe, all with industry leading SLAs

IP Transit

The largest, most scalable & densely connected IP network in Europe, make us the perfect partner for your IP traffic distribution

Dark Fibre & Duct

Interoute's dark fibre network allows you to create a truly bespoke service tailored entirely to your businesses own needs

Technical Specs

Supported Nominal Data Rates: 2.5Gbit/s, 10Gbit/s, 40Gbit/s,100Gbit/s
Protocols Supported: SONET/SDH, Ethernet, OTN
Optical Connectors: SC/UPC or SC/PC or E2000 APC or customer specific
Protection Options:

Protected  - end to end protection

Network Protected with Multiple Failure Protection  (MFP) 

Target Circuit Monthly Availability

99.5% for unprotected circuits up to 1000km route distance, decreasing by 0.5% for every additional 1000km.

99.95% for Protected services (any distance)

99.99% (typical) for MFP services

Target Service Restoration, POP to POP

8 hours for unprotected circuits

4 hours for protected circuits 

Supported Client Interfaces STM-16/OC-48, OTU1
STM-64/OC-192, 10GigE, OTU2
STM-256/OC-768, 40GigE,
NOC Coverage 24 x 7 x 365


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